Starting New With You

Turns around to face the door, a smile forming on my face when I see I have company.

I can’t believe it, someone came to read my blog! I am so excited you are here, you see, this is my first try, and I really would like people to stay and enjoy it.

This blog is about;

  • Cooking Together.
  • Our own recipes that we would like to share. (So good we can’t keep to ourselves)
  • Our thoughts and changes, to recipes we try. (That was good, but I added this…)
  • Tips and Tricks. (Do we even have any of those?)

Now remember, this blog is for fun, so I won’t be posting a recipe every day because honestly, I don’t cook a new meal every day. There are leftovers, or sometimes we cook the same thing, but once a week. Though I will be trying my hardest to post a recipe every Tuesday and Thursday. (Sometimes Saturday.)

What? Today is Thursday? Darn you are right. Luckily, I have just the thing, for an easy dinner.

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Credit for my profile picture and this cover picture, go to an artist by the name; “Crayon A Sarus Rex”

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