Thrilled and Motivated

Twirls around happily.

This is so great! I can’t believe how many supportive bloggers there are out there. I wasn’t actually going to post today, but after seeing a thread called “First Friday“. I started getting more people interested in my blog, which made me want to produce more for everyone out there, that said, I’ve decided to post a recipe tomorrow. (Sometimes Saturday).

Since my first post was Dinner; “Cheesy Rotini“, I figured on a Saturday, I would share with you, our recipe for an amazing breakfast, this is one big dish, so its best to have with lots of friends and family. (Or just do what we do and hoard it for yourself, and have it for leftovers! It’s technically breakfast, but it can be eaten any time of the day.) Yum.

Curious? Come back tomorrow to find out what the recipe is. I can’t wait to have you back, so we can fill the air with yummy food aromas!

Waves Goodbye, before continuing to twirl around the room.

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