Credit: RasaMalaysia- Easy Delicious Recipes

1 cup Water
2 tbsp Sugar
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 cup Butter
1 cup Flour
4 Eggs
Oil, For Frying
Powdered Sugar, Topping

• Combine Water, Sugar, Salt and Butter together in a medium cooking pot, on a MEDIUM HIGH heat. Stir until butter is melted, and it comes to a boil.
• Turn down to a MEDIUM heat, and add the Flour. Stir well to combine the ingredients. Your dough should start pulling away from the sides, and form into a ball shape as you cook. When it does, take off heat, and set to the side. Approx 5 minutes.
• Using a mixer, beat (1) Egg in, at a time, making sure that the egg, is mixed in really well each time. Repeat until all 4 Eggs are mixed in the dough.
• Chill the dough in the fridge for one hour.
• Take dough out of fridge and using a tsp, drop dough balls onto a piece of parchment paper. (Either on a plate, or near your stove, ready to grab when frying). SEE NOTES.
• Heat 2-3 inches of Oil in a frying pan, on MEDIUM LOW heat. SEE NOTES. When the oil is fully heated, drop your first batch (depends on how big your frying pan is) into the oil. Make sure to stick around, and flip the balls as they brown. You will know they are done, because a seam will start to form, and they will puff up, looking like they are about to burst.
• Take them out with a strainer, and place on a plate lined with paper towel to soak up the oil.
• Powder generously.
• Serve/Enjoy.

MenuDuet’s Notes: In the picture displayed;

-We sprayed some Pam on our hands and were able to roll them into perfect ball shapes easily.

-We used Canola Oil.

-You want the oil on a lower heat so the insides cook more without you burning the outsides, but we found we turned our heat up to at least a 5 on the stove top.

-Careful, the oil will spit at you, if its really hot, and you flip one.

-The seam is really noticeable, you will know positively when they are done, very obvious. (First batch had to go back in, because we thought we saw a seam, but was wrong when we did the second batch).

-For our strainer, we just use a spoon with straining holes in it.

It sure looks like we have been on a Pastry kick ever since we bought that standard mixer, and I bet you can’t blame us. There are so many different types of recipes out there you can try, it’s hard to be able to try them all.

These Beignets, reminded us a lot of a Honey Cruller donut, (Without the Honey- something you can buy at Tim Horton’s) the dough after fried still tasted egg-y, even though it was cooked, its a very soft dough. Unfortunately my partner was not into them at all, but he’s always been picky in the dough department. Our 2.5 year old, really liked the powdered sugar, and then enjoyed the Beignet after. As for myself, I’m not big into eggs, so an egg-y taste, wasn’t for me.
Though I know LOTS of people who love those types of donuts, so just because it wasn’t for our family, doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it. In fact this recipe has some great reviews on Pinterest.

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I took the picture displayed, with my camera.

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