Gruyere Scalloped Potatoes

Gruyere Scalloped Potatoes
Credit: The Seaside Baker

3 lb Potatoes
1 Garlic Clove, Peeled & Crushed
2 cups Gruyere Cheese, Shredded
4 tbsp Butter
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Pepper
1 1/2 cups Half and Half Cream

• Preheat oven to 375C, Grease 9”x13” oven safe glass dish.
• Peel the Potatoes, then dice them up into thin circular pieces of the same size. Grate/Shred the Gruyere Cheese.
• Evenly spread the Butter on the bottom of the dish.
• Take 1/3 of the Potatoes and layer them on the butter, then take 1/3 of the Garlic and evenly spread it over the Potatoes, then take 1/3 of the Cheese and sprinkle it evenly over the Garlic. Then repeat two more times. (Potato, Garlic, Cheese, Potato, Garlic, Cheese).
• On the last layer of Cheese, sprinkle Salt and Pepper over top evenly.
• Take the Half and Half Cream and pour it over the whole dish. Wrap the dish in tin foil, and place in oven.
• Cook for 30 minutes, then take the tin foil off, cook for an additional 20-30 minutes. You know it will be ready when the potatoes are tender and the Cheese is golden brown.
• Take out of oven and let sit for 5 minutes.
• Serve/Enjoy.

MenuDuet’s Notes: In the picture displayed;

-We used Pam, non stick spray.

-We used a pie plate, should have used a 9”x13” glass dish, the pie plate wasn’t nearly big or deep enough! (My bad, haha).

So delicious!!! Completely and utterly yummy!! The cheese is kinda expensive but it complements this dish so well I couldn’t imagine having a different kind in its place!! We have nothing but good things to say about it… we have already devoured the whole dish. The most time consuming part, aside from cooking it, is peeling and slicing the potatoes which isn’t even that bad.

We will be making this recipe again, and again! I’m even going as far as saying I’d make it again tomorrow, I just couldn’t get enough!!

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I took the picture displayed, with my camera.

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