Broccoli Fritters with Cheddar Cheese

Broccoli Fritters with Cheddar Cheese
Credit: Low Carb Maven

1 cup Broccoli
1 tsp Cajun Seasoning
2 tbsp Flour
2 lg Eggs, Beaten
1 cup Cheddar Cheese, Shredded
1 tbsp Olive Oil

• Cut the stalk off the head of the Broccoli, then cut the individual florets of the broccoli into fours. (Bite size pieces). Place in a microwave safe bowl, put water in the bowl until the Broccoli is covered, place in microwave and cook for 1-2 minutes. (Until broccoli is LIGHTLY steamed). Drain water from bowl and pat the Broccoli with paper towel to dry it.
• Grate/Shred the Cheddar Cheese, set to the side. In a small bowl, beat the two large Eggs with a fork, set to the side.
• In a medium bowl, combine the Broccoli, Cajun Seasoning, and Flour. Mix together until Broccoli is coated. Then add in the Beaten Eggs, and stir, then add in the shredded Cheddar Cheese, then stir until everything is thoroughly mixed together.
• Heat a non stick frying pan with a MEDIUM heat, add the Oil into the frying pan, and swirl it around coating the bottom. Separate the Broccoli mixture into fours, and scoop each pile into the frying pan.
• Let the piles cook until the cheese on the tops begin to melt, and the bottoms are browned. About 2-3 minutes. Then flip them over, and cook the other side until browned.
• Take them out of the frying pan, and take paper towel and lightly dab the fritters to soak up any extra grease.
• Serve/Enjoy.

MenuDuet’s Notes: In the picture displayed;

-We cooked our Broccoli in the microwave for 1 minute and 25 seconds. (We have a high powered microwave). You can lightly steam your Broccoli however you want.

-We used an electric frying pan.

-You can use any oil you want.

-Check the Original Recipe for the Low Carb version. (Different Flour/Different Oil)

Yum Yum Yum! This recipe was very delicious! The eggs gave it a fluffy feel, while the broccoli added a nice crunch that were perfect together! The Cajun seasoning had a great flavor where it wasn’t spicy, but added that little something extra to the recipe!
We are thinking that this would have been amazing in a English Muffin with some ham! A great breakfast idea!

The recipe itself was super simple to make, taking maybe 20 minutes, which includes prep time. Our 3 year old also gave it two thumbs up, as he devoured a fritter all by himself. We will definitely be making these again!

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I took the picture displayed, with my camera.

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