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Ingredient amounts may very, depending on how many you want to make. SEE NOTES.
1 pk Egg (or Spring) Roll Wrappers
1 pk of Extra Lean Cooked Ham (0.406kg)
1 cup Plain Cream Cheese
500ml jar Dill Pickles
Oil (for frying).

• Take Egg (or Spring) roll wrappers out of package. (Depending on counter space, you can do one at a time).
• Take Ham out of package, dry each individual piece front and back.
• Spread a thin layer of Cream Cheese on one side of the Ham. (If its not spreading, dry the Ham a bit more with a paper towel, then try spreading the Cream Cheese again). Place each piece of Ham on each Egg Wrapper. (Diagonally).
• Pull out one pickle at a time, dry it with paper towel, cut it length way down the center, place both halves on each piece of Ham, so the pickle is the length of the ham, and roll wrappers, with ham, cream cheese and pickles in it like you would a spring roll. (Packages have instructions on how to roll the wrappers).
• Repeat last step until you have as many as you want done, you can use as many or  as little of the Wrappers, Ham, Cream Cheese, and Pickles that you want.
• In a shallow frying pan, pour in enough oil so it will cover half the height of the rolls. Heat oil on stove top till it is hot. (We cooked at about a 7).
• Place one or two finished rolls into the oil at a time, with the seam of the Egg Wrappers facing down, cook them for about 30 seconds – 1 minute, or until golden brown, then flip them over and do the second side the same way.
•Take them out of the oil when they are golden brown, and place them on some paper towel, on a plate, and dab them to soak up any extra grease.
• Serve/Enjoy

MenuDuet’s Notes: In the picture displayed;

-You don’t have to use all the ingredients, if you want less, you will just have extra stuff. We only made three, which consisted of 3 wrappers, 3 ham slices, 3 pickles, and 3-5 tbsps of cream cheese.

-The cream cheese amount is really up to you, we just did a thin spread across the whole ham slice.

These were actually pretty tasty, and if you keep an eye on your frying time, your pickles will stay crunchy, which is a big game changer. (No one likes a soft, soggy pickle).
This recipe is more of a snack item, they taste better when they are served while still hot/warm, the longer they sit the more greasy they become, and the Egg wrapper starts to go soft.

We really enjoyed these, but I couldn’t see myself eating a pile of them at once, we had about one and a half to two each. They were crunchy, and sweet, with a nice creamy taste, tasted much better then we thought they would. (My partner has been scarred by fried pickles before, always getting soggy ones, so he was not looking forward to this recipe, yet he ate more then I did, and said they were great).
Very fast and easy to make.

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I took the picture displayed, with my camera.

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